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Songwriting Contest Results
 The following ten songwriters have won their respective category in the songwriting contest. The top songs were determined by „songwriting” alone. Vocal ability was not taken into consideration. A full instrumental production was also not considered.

Category Finalists

Miguel Lopez – Forgotten
Jason Cullimore – Letting Go
Kathryn Kaye – Frost
Ewa Ryks – Tango
Reference Number is 7739557 Ewa Ryks
Ewa Ryks
The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Ewa Ryks the Runner Up placement in the song contest. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Runner Up placement in the songwriting competition.


This is Jennifer with the Song of the Year songwriting contest. I

am contacting you about the material you submitted into the

previously held contest. Even though your material did not

place as a Winner or Finalist, you still did incredibly well in the

contest. You had an entry that received the Runner Up

placement as listed on your personalized placement page at



The ‚Runner Up’ placement shows that your song received extremely high scores

and was found to be competitive with the winning songs. Only the top writers

receive this placement.

Your personalized placement page has been created for you

so that you can reference your songwriting accomplishment from

your website, press kit, biography, promotional materials, etc…

It will remain online for years to come.

Great job and congratulations on your songwriting placement!


Support Staff

Song of the Year